International friendly: India U-16 defeated Malaysia U-16

India U-16 team defeated hosts Malaysia’s Under-16 team 2-1 in Kuala Lumpur on Thursday in another International Friendship Football match. According to the All India Football Association (AIFF), the three-nation exposure tour of India under-16 football of 27 days including China, Thailand and Malaysia has ended.

Thanks to one goal scored by Rohit Danu (21st minute) and Givson Singh (31st minute), India’s under-16 football team took 2-0 lead by half time. Malaysian under-16 team has managed to reduce India’s lead by 1-2 in the second half by scoring a goal.

Match Highlights:

After the defeat in the first international friendship match three days before against under-16 team of Malaysia, India’s under-16 team started in an aggressive manner on Thursday. India get a penalty against Malaysia on Danu and Danu himself converted the penalty into the first goal of the match.


Rohit Danu, after ten minutes, reached the ball from the left side alone, and the team’s defenses were scattered through the box. Givson scored a goal on Rohit’s pass and made India’s under-16 team’s strong lead in the match by 2-0.

India’s under-16 team got a chance to increase their lead twice in the meantime, but before the ball shot from the left leg of Danu, the ball came back from the goal pole.

Danu, before the shot, the host team’s goalkeeper jumped and grabbed the ball to avoid the danger on his team.

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