Iraq to Host First International Football Tournament after 1990

Iraq will host an international football tournament for the first time after almost 28 years. Iraq will host the West Asia Football Federation (WAFF) championship in November this year. The southern city of Basra will host this tournament. Basra’s Sport City Stadium is all set for the event.

About three decades ago in Iraq, FIFA had banned hosting international matches. This ban has been withdrawn in March this year. After completing all formalities of security reasons FIFA has lifted the ban from Iraq. Iraq’s officials lauded the WAFF on the following day after banishing of the ban. Officials are very happy on this occasion.

Iraq Football Association (IFA) president Abdul Khaliq Masood told AFP, “Iraq is eager to host big football tournaments and wants to show that the nation is capable of hosting any tournament of any level.”

He said that 12 Arabian countries will participate in this tournament in Basra. All the security basics are completed now. Along with that IFA has provided all kind of assurance regarding this matter.

FIFA’s Ban Since 1990:

Iraq has not played an international match on the domestic ground since the 1990 attack on Kuwait. After that attack FIFA banned Iraq to organize any kind of international football events. It has been about 30 long years that Iraq could not organize any big international Football event. Along with this Iraq could not play any big domestic tournament on its land as well.

Now FIFA has lifted the ban from Iraq this March. Now Iraq is looking forward leaving all miseries behind.

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