Kimi Raikkonen lashes out at media for spreading nonsense F1 gossips

Kimi Raikkonen lashed out at the media for apparently propagating ‘nonsense’ gossips. The Ferrari driver feels that given the amount of gossips which lack sense, Formula One is being harmed. He further slammed the media for spreading F1 related news which is not just ‘nonsense’ but also ‘bullshit.’

Having lost his place in Ferrari to Charles Leclerc, the 2007 World Champion will join Sauber in the next season.

There were many anticipations and speculations regarding his F1 future in the early stages of the ongoing season. Along with it some suggesting that he might call it a day.

Having won the US Grand Prix, Kimi Raikkonen kept Hamilton’s title hopes at bay and proved that he is still left with a lot to prove.

Kimi Raikkonen during an interview expressed serious concerns over the kind of negative coverage about F1 that is being done by the media.

He added that it would be better for Formula 1 if there is less nonsense more actual things with a larger coherence to truth are reported.

Politics plays a big part in F1: Kimi Raikkonen

Talking about the politics pertaining in F1, Raikkonen said that politics plays a big part. He also said that people like to play games but such a precedent is not good for the game.

He expressed even more and gave an insight into his F1 career which has been a great one. How his stint with Sauber goes is something that remains to be seen in the upcoming time.

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