Story From The Past: Legendary team who won hearts even after loosing the match

In the final match of the FIFA World Cup 2018, though Croatia lost to France, they won the heart of everyone in the world. Croatian team played like heros and will be remembered as a legendary team. The game is played to win, but winning the game is not everything. The game can not be tested only by statistics, like the success of a person can not be counted for the money earned by him. Like those who fail often in life but, they become heroes later, this also happens in the sports.

After all, Shakespeare’s greatest heroes are ‘tragic’, such as Macbeth, Othello, Leire. Who remembers the names of heroes of Shakespeare’s happy ending plays? Here we will talk of a team that lost the FIFA World Cup final, but people still only remember the name of the losing side instead of the World Cup champions. This team was the Brazilian team of FIFA World Cup 1982.

Everyone believes this team is the greatest team that can not win the FIFA World Cup. But many people consider it to be the greatest team of the history. Even better than the Brazilian team which won the FIFA World Cup 1970.

How this all happened?

It was believed that the team was the biggest contender of the World Cup and it was playing in that same style. To reach to the final, they had to only defend against Italy for last few seconds in the second round. But the team continued to play its natural aggressive game. Just before the match ended, Paolo Rossi scored a goal for Italy and the Brazilian team was out of the World Cup.

After winning consecutive matches, Italy defeated them:

Italy’s performance was not very good earlier. Brazil also dominated Italy throughout this match. The Italian team was struggling with difficulties. Two years ago, five players were banned in a match-fixing case, including Paolo Rossi.

They were playing in this FIFA World Cup due to the reduction of the ban of Paolo Rossi. Rossi was the most expensive player of his era. But before this match he was not any star. But as it was supposed to be, he tricked the hat on Italy’s side and Brazil lose 3-2.

Earlier Brazil had defeated the Soviet Union, Scotland and its Latin American rival Maradona of Argentina. Before the second round of this match, Brazil was the only team that won all the matches and won in such a way that people were fascinated.

As if a great player from that team, Zico said that “he was playing such football, as everyone wanted to see. To score goals, aggressive football as well as there was a natural hilarity in his game. His movement was like a wave of music and his goal is remembered till now. In his game nothing was average, routine or ordinary.”

Their return was celebrated as Champions in Brazil 

The coach of this team was Santana and the captain was Socrates. The names of players like Zico, Adele and Junior still remind people of that team. Even after losing, the popularity of that team did not diminish.

When the team arrived back to Rio de Janeiro, there was such a rush to welcome their legendary team at the airport, such as a reception of a winner’s team. The love of people towards this team was beyond winning, but its defeat gave rise to sympathy in people’s mind.

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