Lewis Hamilton Comes Out To Defend Sebastian Vettel

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton posted an emphatic win at the French Grand Prix. The Englishman won his 65th race after starting from the pole position. He kept his lead throughout and no one ever seemed to be closing in on him at Circuit Paul Ricard on Sunday.

Lewis Hamilton took the top spot at the podium followed by Max Verstappen of Red Bull and Kimi Raikkonen from team Ferrari. 

Sebastian Vettel made a major error when he collided with Valtteri Bottas at the first corner. His error was hefty and he was penalised for 5 seconds. Even then he managed to win the award for the ‘Driver of the Day.’

He finished 5th eventually. This wasn’t the first time he made a hefty error. He has had a streak of high-cost errors in the past 12 months including incidents in Baku, Singapore, Mexico and Azerbaijan. His errors have perhaps become too frequent. 

Lewis Hamilton defends Vettel:

When asked about Vettel’s fault he said that such things can happen. He said that every driver is going into that corner with immense pace and this is a part of the race.

Hamilton further added that he doesn’t think that Vettel made any more mistakes.

He also said that it’s just human to err and cars can go off track at times. He also said that everyone is putting their lives on the line for the world championship. 

However, Lewis Hamilton also expressed his disappointment with the little quantum of punishment given to Sebastian Vettel by stewards. On the other hand, F1 race director Charlie Whiting defended the punishment.

He said that it was in line with incidents that’s occurred earlier in the ongoing season. 

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