Lewis Hamilton compares F1 racing with stone-age

F1 sensation Lewis Hamilton has made a controversial statement about the sport. Lewis said that in comparisons to other sports like Football and NHL, F1 is still reeling in the stone age. Do you also feel that way? The World Champion said that he believes that Grand Prix Racing will improve after being stuck in what he called the stone age. 

F1 plans Grand Prix in Miami in 2019 

Formula One is planning to conduct a Grand Prix in Miami the next year. The proposed circuit design for the 2019 Miami Grand Prix was unveiled recently. Lewis Hamilton castigated the same. He said that he does not understand as to why the drivers are not consulted while taking big decisions.

He further added that does not expect it to change and feels that there would never be a time when drivers would be consulted. If at all it happens, the Miami race would be the second F1 race in the US after the one in Texas. Are you excited to see F1 going to Miami? 

Lewis Hamilton, however, said that he has confidence in the Liberty Media era of Formula One. He feels that progress in other areas like international mass appeal and social media will be instigated.

He lauded the idea of taking F1 to new places but at the same time, he said that the growth must be meaningful. Hamilton feels that having more races in the US is a good thing but the excitement levels must be high. 

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