Lewis Hamilton still has confidence in Mercedes after losing Canadian Grand Prix

The Canadian Grand Prix held in Montreal on Sunday saw Lewis Hamilton finish at a disappointing 5th place. Lewis Hamilton lost the world championship lead to Sebastian Vettel from team Ferrari. But Lewis Hamilton is still not doubting Mercedes for retaining his title. He was asked if the Mercedes campaign puts his title in jeopardy and he said that it will be weak of him to think that way. 

He said that to think that way would be the first sign of weakness and his mind is not weak. Lewis Hamilton has complete faith in Mercedes. He further added that he is here to win and he thinks that they have every chance of winning.

Hamilton said that he has complete confidence in his guys. He clearly stated that he does not want to think about losing his title. 

He finally concluded by saying that there is still a long way to go. Hamilton also added that the team is working hard together and there are some good days and bad days ahead. He said that the maximum they can do is to prepare to their best capabilities. 

Lewis Hamilton, the Star:

Lewis Hamilton is a sensation by all means. He has the second highest number of F1 Grand Prix wins to his name with a tally of 64. Hamilton is considered to be the best racer of this generation. He is one of the most clinical performers to ever exist in the sport.

Mercedes signed him in 2013. Now with his title under question, there are speculations about his adherence to Mercedes. He won his 4th World Championship title in 2017 and having lost the Canadian Grand Prix he lost the lead to Sebastian Vettel. 

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