Lewis Hamilton Won the Spanish Grand Prix in an Exciting Way

Championship leader and regaining world champion Lewis Hamilton dominated the Spanish Grand Prix with second consecutive victory. His maximum 25 points in Azerbaijan and spain means he has now 17 point lead over early leader Sebastian Vettel. Hamilton was valued it very correctly and that made him extremely domineering in his last win.

This win is not just like the last win which was more of a lottery. Here he actually made us witnesses his best form and he himself is very happy with how he dominated Grand Prix at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, Spain. He got his confidence back with this great win in the Spanish Grand Prix.

Hamilton faced a lack of form in first three races but now he has won last two race in Azerbaijan and spain. British driver said that he is very excited and rejuvenated to win his 5th F1 world title.

Hamilton said “It’s the greatest feeling to come here and have that kind of performance and have a convincing win.

“Not every win feels as great as this one. It’s my 64th but feels special and unique. “

Later he said that now he is getting a good hold on the car which he was lacking in Australia, China and Bahrain. He said that at no point he ever felt that he was losing his hold on spanisS GP.

It was very much visible in the race that he was pushing himself lap by lap and in the end he won  Spanish Grand Prix quite easy after Ferrari” domination in Free practices.

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