FIFA World Cup 2018: Luis Suarez of Uruguay will play his 100th International Match against Saudi Arabia

A player who has made headlines many times in the FIFA World Cup has now reached on a special stage in his international career. The Uruguay team is going to take on Saudi Arabia on Wednesday in the FIFA World Cup 2018. It will be the 100th international match for Uruguay’s star player Luis Suarez.

If Uruguay defeats Saudi Arabia in this match in Group A, then their place in the knockout stage can be confirmed. This will be the third consecutive time when Uruguay will enter the knockout stage of the FIFA World Cup. Uruguay defeated Egypt 1-0 in their first match.

Luis Suarez has suffered a lot in the last two World Cups. In the 2010 World Cup, Suarez played a key role in the match against Ghana and take Uruguay in the semifinals.

In 2014, Suarez’s incident with Italy’s Giorgio Chiellini, caused a ban on him for four months.  Suarez was accused of biting on the shoulders of Chiellini. After the confirmation in the video, he was banned for four months from all formats of the football.

Of course, Suarez’s behavior on the field has proved him an improper player, but by this his talent for playing football cannot be underestimated.

Despite all the controversies, Suarez is the highest scorer for Uruguay. He has scored 51 international goals in 99 matches so far. Five of these goals were scored in the FIFA World Cup.

The Statics:

  • 5 players have played 100 or more matches for Uruguay so far. Louis Suarez can become the sixth player.
  • In the 1994 FIFA World Cup, Saudi Arabia qualified for the first time for the World Cup. Then achieved 12th position while performing their best.
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