Manchester City midfielder reveals that dressing room meeting gears up the team to lead the table

At the starting of the current season, man city was neither the best-performing team nor had the energy to perform up to the mark for the Premier league table.
Pep Guardiola’s team Manchester City was charmless at the starting of the season but now the league table says some different thing, Man City now leads the current season table with ten points of advantage from their neighbors Manchester United also can add an extra three points if they can win against Arsenal on Sunday.
Also, both Manchester United and Leicester City were losing their point at the same time which made a big difference which is 10 points between them and the second position holding Manchester United.

Manchester City midfielder reveals that their discussion on that going time works well for the season. They are maintaining a winning steak of 16 games which gives a good success to them. He explained to the Skysports conference that the kickstart happen when they were in the dressing room talking to each other about the games were going, the wrong they were doing, and they analyzed what change can be better for them.
Rodri said, “In the first period of the season, we weren’t playing well individually and collectively but this changed once we got together and spoke more about how we could work together.”
“We had a meeting and talked to each other. We analyzed what was happening and how the team could do better.”
“We all agreed that every player could do a little bit more for the team. I feel it’s the reason why we’re doing so well right now as there are lots of players who are currently playing at an incredible level.”
Though, their penalty spots need a lot of improvement, which they proved against Liverpool, four of their last six penalties were of the target.
Rodri successfully took from 12 yards against Tottenham which was the first penalty of his professional career.
“It was a specific moment where I felt confident,” he added. “The team needed someone to step forward to show they could take the penalty because we’d missed lots of them in important games.”
“Next time if I can shoot then I will, no problem. But the point was just to show the team that we can be confident taking them as they’re important in deciding big games.”
Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola said on a press conference after their successful win of 3-1 against Everton, “Today was a really tough game, really tough because they defend so well and are a really good team.”

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