Maradona is upset with the fake news of his death, offered a reward of $10,000

Diego Maradona has offered a reward of 10,000 US dollars (about seven lakh rupees) to the source of his death report after the match in Argentina and Nigeria in the FIFA World Cup 2018. This information was given by his lawyer.

This report spreads through Whatsapp’s ‘Voice Message’, in which a person in Argentine accent was telling that the 57-year-old star has been admitted to the hospital and he has died due to a heart attack.

Diego’s lawyer Matias Morla said, “I have been instructed to tell people that the person who correctly identifies the audio in the message will be rewarded.”

According to him, the former star footballer had trouble with the increase in blood pressure. After the end of the match, the health of Maradona was poor. He needed someone to make him stand. When he didn’t seem well then immediately he had to admit to the hospital. Where his blood pressure was found increased.

Maradona himself came in front: 

However, later Maradona himself had denied rumors of his illness. He said, ‘I am absolutely fine. That’s fine, as much as I have never been before.’

His lawyer said, ‘However, this is definitely the case, who has warned them. It is not a secret that Maradona has lived the football. As he was a player same he is now a fan of football.”

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