Max Verstappen Defends Vettel Over Crash At The German Grand Prix

After the German Grand Prix, Max Verstappen came out in Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel’s defence over his crash during the race. Max Verstappen who finished fourth cited tricky conditions and said this could have happened to any driver given the circumstances.

Vettel’s crash gave a great opportunity to Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton. Hamilton then ended up with a win from being 14th on the grid. Lewis came back to the world championship lead with 17 points to his name after winning the German GP 2018. 

Max Verstappen said that the circumstances were very difficult especially in the corner where Vettel crashed hence his crash is totally understandable.

He said that things happen at times and this could have happened to any of the drivers and anyone could have gone immediately off in that corner even at the slightest of lockup. This however is just another instance of frequent errors by Vettel.

While Lewis Hamilton finished first, he was followed by teammate Valtteri Bottas who was second and Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen who finished third.

This wasn’t the first time when Sebastian Vettel crashed or made such an error. He’s now started to commit such mistakes more often putting his world championship title in jeopardy. 

Other than Sebastian 

Not just Sebastian Vettel but Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo and McLaren’s Fernando Alonso also did not complete the race. Among the constructors, Ferrari has the most wins at the German Grand Prix.

Ferrari has won the German Grand Prix 22 times out of 77 races held so far. In 1926 racers competed for the first time for the German Grand Prix.

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