Can Max Verstappen be the youngest world champion ever with Honda?

Max Verstappen of Red Bull could be the youngest world champion with Honda power. This assertion was made by Helmut Marko who also stated that Red Bull will be going for the world championship next year.

With the ongoing season almost concluded, teams now have their focus on starting afresh in the next season. While Daniel Ricciardo will be swapping his team to Renault next year, Red Bull racing will be swapping the Renault engine with the Honda ones.

It will be after 12 long years that the tie up between Red Bull racing and Renault will come to an end. Red Bull is pretty impressed by Honda and certainly is adamant about its Honda switch.

Red Bull’s advisor Marko is enthusiastic about the switch and he feels that with Honda Max Verstappen can even go on to win the World Championship next year having put up a great show at the Mexican GP. Red Bull aims to produce the youngest world champion in Max Verstappen who’s 21 years of age currently.

Max Verstappen is impressive at this young age

Verstappen has been highly impressive at a very young age and his credentials make Red Bull believe that he has what it takes to be the youngest world champion. Red Bull is also aware of the fact that the first year with a new engine partner would not be easy by any means.

Now how does the partnership between Red Bull and Honda spans out is something that we would eagerly wait to see.

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