Mbappe’s breath taken hat-trick wondering us about, which one is the best ever Hat-trick in Champions league?

There was always a debate around a topic about which one was the best hat-trick. Because more than 90 players scored a hat-trick in the UEFA Champions League history. It is very difficult to identify which one is the best ever, some of them are breathtaking, some are fastest; also there are some hat-tricks which gave a great comeback.
The first hat-trick was against IFK Göteborg and took by Marco van Basten in a 4-0 lead in 1992. After that so many were taken, some players did multiples also.
Both the GOATs each have 8 Hat-tricks in their pockets in their Champions league carrier. Where others like Mario Gomez, Luiz Adriano, Robert Lewandowski, and Neymar have 3 Hat-tricks in each of their pockets. Also, Ronaldo, Messi, Luiz Adriano, and Mario Gómez did multiples in one season, which also keeps a record.
Also, the fastest hat-tricks were there some in between 8 mins, 9 mins, 11 mins, and 12 mins also. Ronaldo, Sterling, Lewandowski, and some players are the owners of this fastest Hat-trick record.
Here comes in this big list which became with many wonders. There are some hat-tricks we can mention.
Leo Messi scored 4 goals against Arsenal in 2010 which made history. That was a rainy day, Messi was in destroying mood he scored his first goal by dodging 4 players and scored from outside the box, next was a poorly cleared ball in the Arsenal penalty box, young Messi took the opportunity and finished it successfully. The third one was a through ball, Leo took a long run and scored by a lofted kick and finally dodged 3 defenders in the penalty box tried to score and shot saved by their goalkeeper, the ball deflected again the Magician scored it between the goalkeeper’s Leg. Which one I think one of the greatest goals ever.

In 2013, against Real Madrid, Robert Lewandowski’s four-goal score was one the greatest performances in Champions League History. He showed great brilliance, one in across a sliding finish another finish in Marco Reus’s assist, made an outrageous turn until found the top corner, and lastly a smashing penalty.

Manchester City hasn’t many remarkable days in the Champions league but Kun Aguero’s Hat-trick marked that day when he scored a hat-trick against Pep Guardiola’s Bayern Munich in 2014. He scored in a penalty later Manchester was 2-1 down then Kun Aguero wondered the world with two back-to-back finishes which were unbelievable.

Another remarkable Hat-trick was done by Thiery Henry against Roma will live long in the history of football. The first one shows the beauty, the second was a clinical left-footed shot and the last one was a perfect Free-kick.

Also, the Big brother, known as Ronaldo Nazario made history in the 2003 quarter-finals, Real was beaten 4-3 at Old Trafford but Ronaldo’s Pace and Power just washed away Manchester United that night.

At the age of only 18 years, Wayne Rooney played his debut for Manchester United and smashed Fenerbahçe with three with all outside the penalty box which shows the real power also one of the greatest Hat-tricks.

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