Mclaren Can Still Perform Well Under the Present Leadership: Boullier

Mclaren had a bad start this Formula 1 season. Now all eyes on the French Engineer Éric Boullier’s take on this issue as according to him, he is still the right person who can handle the leadership of Mclaren and Mclaren Can Still Perform Well under it’s present leadership.

Recently Mclaren made a change with their power part from Honda to Renault and the result of the team after the switch is not at all satisfactory. Right now, it is trailing by 40 points in terms from its competitor Red Bull who is also using the same engine of Renault, and 41 from Renault work team.  

Also, recently the company made a huge change by removing Tim Goss who was the technical director of McLaren. Although Boullier didn’t expect such reshuffle in the entire organization which affected his position as well in the organization.

Boullier on Leadership of Mclaren:

When Eric was asked about leadership for McLaren, he said, “It’s hard work. There’s a lot of expectation obviously from McLaren and from a lot of people.

“In my past life I’ve been managing, rebuilding, restructuring a few teams and I won with all of them in any category there was.

“I think I know my job and we need to make sure we can make it, deliver it on time. The timing needs to be the right time, not the wrong expectation.

Later he said there are many other teams as well using the same engine as we can refer them as well, we still have a long way to go and through which we can attain the same old glory of McLaren.

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