Mercedes Decides To Help New F1 Engine Makers

In 2014 F1 shifted to turbocharged V6 hybrid engines. Since then the only name which won all four drivers and constructor title is Mercedes. If we talk about other big names then only Ferrari has been able to touch the benchmark set by Mercedes. Honda and Renault are still far behind them. The reason behind supporting new F1 engine makers to bring betterment to the spectacular sport.

Honda is now entered into the F1 recent engines manufacturing group. But still couldn’t able to make it with others since its joining in 2015.

Mercedes High-Performance Power-trains managing director Cowell said “the best way to make it easier is to take some of the systems away that are perceived to be complex”. He added later that Mercedes decided to help some new entrant with the technology. When asked to him ‘how far they will go regarding ‘ he answered the matter was discussed with FIA and F1, he said that they will go to the extent they think they need to help the newcomer.

new F1 engine makers

Mercedes’ Approach. 

Mercedes is very much keen in giving assistance to the new manufacture. They think that it will be good for the sport and this step will surely make the sport better.

Cowell mentioned regarding their commitment to providing at least 3 customers teams in the recent season. The similar question has been asked to Ferrari and Renault that are they too interested in helping new F1 engine makers.

Ferrari appreciated the decision and said it will be good for the betterment of the sports and Renault said more clarity is needed in terms of what assistance they have to provide.

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