Mercedes Driver Says Mercedes is not the favourite for winning the French Grand Prix

Excitement is mammoth as the French Grand Prix kickstarts on June 24. The Circuit Paul Ricard is all set to host what promises to be yet another exciting race. But Mercedes’ driver Valtteri Bottas feels that Mercedes cannot be considered the favourites in the French Grand Prix.

He said that seeing the kind of form Ferrari is in, Mercedes must improve in all aspects of its 2018 car. 

Valtteri Bottas finished second at the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal on June 10. It was the Ferrari Driver Sebastian Vettel who finished first. Clearly, Ferrari is in a scintillating form and Bottas feels that Mercedes must catch up. The world champions will have to raise the bar to compete with the in-form Ferrari. 

Valtteri Bottas said that it would be great if Mercedes can make some other upgrades as well along with the new engine. He said that this new engine is what they needed to win at the Canadian Grand Prix.

Valtteri reiterated the fact the despite being the World Champions, Mercedes is not the favourite at the French Grand Prix. He said that it’s not just the engine that is to be blamed but also the car. 

Ferrari vs Mercedes in 2018:

In 2018 Ferrari has won 3 Grands Prix while Mercedes has won 2. The world champions clearly have some catching up to do. Now we are just keen to see if its Ferrari, Mercedes or Red Bull that wins at the French Grand Prix. 

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