The Formula One organisation which was planning to launch the Miami Grand Prix in 2019 has now stated that it has postponed its plans till 2020. F1 has abandoned its plans to conduct the Miami Grand Prix starting 2019 onward.

Now the next year’s F1 calendar will only have about 20 races given Miami plans are abandoned and Germany has dropped out. 

It was becoming difficult to get the contracts for the Miami Grand Prix underway in line with schedules. Hence, with fact contracts were not getting underway on time the F1 has pushed the Miami Grand Prix to 2020.

F1 by no means wanted to put a race on the calendar which only had a provisional status. 

Resentment from the local residents of Miami has also been an obstacle to F1’s Miami dream. Political regimes are keen to accommodate the views of the local residents hence unprecedented delays have pushed the Miami Grand Prix further. 

F1 Commercial Boss on the Miami Grand Prix:

F1 commercial boss, Sean Bratches said that F1 enjoyed full cooperation from Miami Authorities but these are complex negotiations. Bratches also stated that F1 has been monitoring all the feedback it has been receiving from the authorities.

He said that F1 is committed to the expansion of the sport in the US and particularly Miami. He also said that the F1 Fan Festival in October will take place as scheduled. The fan fest will be organised in October to engage exciting fans. 

Bratches also stated that F1 will only deliver the best possible race to Miami as and when it happens.  

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