Monaco GP is a leveller in Alonso’s Views

Fernando Alonso, driver of McLaren F1 said that the Monaco GP is a leveller and that makes the things little challenging as that makes the race unpredictable anything is possible at the last moment.

Alonso is the two-time winner of Monaco Grand Prix. He is also a big name behind the success of McLaren, Ferrari and Red Bulls. The current season is not going well for the team McLaren as they struggled really hard to make any major impact. Alonso said the major reason behind the distinctive demands for the Monaco Grand Prix was a chance to make a good result despite knowing the things are not favoring them as there are limitations of their packages.

Reminding about the Spanish GP he said about the first lap crash by Romain Grosjean when his car got spun it was a sign that anything can happen and nothing can be taken for granted.

Alonso’s comment:

“Monaco is one of those tracks that tend to level the playing field a little and it’s a bit like throwing a dice,” he said.

“As we saw in Spain, even if you qualify well it doesn’t mean you won’t fall victim to drama which can change things around.

“So, we need to maximize everything on Saturday, and then fight hard on Sunday to earn as many points as possible.”

The last season for Alonso was not so pleasing because he missed it and the chance to make his debut in Indianapolis 500.  

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