Mourinho calls news of return of Zlatan Ibrahimovic a rumor

Manchester United chief coach Jose Mourinho has ruled out the rumors of the return of striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic in the club.

According to the report of the website ‘ESPN’, Mourinho has admitted that he has to face a lack of striker before the match against Everton.

Mourinho said that he will have to trust Romelu Lukaku, who is out of form, for the match on Sunday, because Alexis Sánchez may not be able to return to the ground due to injury. He was also unable to play against Juventus due to this injury.

Mourinho denies the return of Zlatan Ibrahimovic in the club:

When Talked about the return of Ibrahimovic, Mourinho said: ‘No’

Asked again that if there is no option then would he consider him back? Mourinho said: ‘No’

Mourinho talked to the media and said that “All of them national team. We play against Newcastle and we go to the national team period in a good situation and then after two weeks we lost Dalot in Portugal, we lost Fellaini in Belgium. We lost Alexis with Chile, we lost – who else? – McTominay with Scotland.”

“And some of them, the national teams they were very professional with us and they send the players back and we could start the process early,” he added.

“But some of them, they weren’t and they kept the players and we didn’t even know the dimension and the nature of the injuries, so when the players arrived here two days before Chelsea, we have no idea what is going on,” he concluded.

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