New F1 Aerodynamic Overtaking Package Will Slow Down the Cars In 2019

The new aerodynamic overtaking package designed for F1 cars to improve the overtaking of the Formula 1 cars. This package will reduce the speed of the cars by 1.5 seconds.

This new overtaking package which is designed for Formula 1 cars will have front brakes ducts and front wing with a simplified design. This package also includes larger rear wing flap which gives the cars a better and powerful DRS effect. The FIA single seater technical wing head, Nikolas Tombazis said “”We expect this rule change to be approximately one-third of the way less performance of the delta between ’16 and ’17,”

This decision leads to put the teams under pressure as they find it difficult to predict the exact level of improvement they need to put on.

Tombazis on F1 Overtaking Package

According to Tombazis the new overtaking package will definitely bring some significant change in the overtaking. He said this change is not the only change made. This might continue with more similar kind of changes in future. According to their studies the step taken will help the cars to have a better balance. It also support the wheel wack which will affect the cars coming from behind.

He said “n our studies the wheel wake in the cars will affects the rear car, and losing control of that we feel is going to make a step improvement. But I’m not expecting cars to be bumping each other like touring cars.”

FIA needs to think regarding this as per current situations. Now, drivers face trouble in following the rear cars and these changes will add some more to it.  

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