Neymar Finally Accepts That His Reactions At The FIFA World Cup Were Exaggerated

For the first time since the FIFA World Cup 2018 exit, the 24-year-old prodigy, Neymar has owned up to exaggerating his reactions during the World Cup. Neymar scored two goals in the tournament but it was not too good as Brazil was knocked out by Belgium in the quarterfinals.
Through a video, for a television advert, Neymar accepted that he was over the top dramatic during the world cup and exhibited hyped reactions. The video of the advertisement was broadcasted on Sunday and featured by several TV channels in Brazil. Neymar also promised his fans that he will lift himself up.
Fans and players were very critical of his theatrics on the soccer field during the FIFA World Cup 2018. He was criticised a lot for exaggerating things unnecessarily.
He was seen rolling, diving and arguing with the referees way too much and one could easily figure out the exaggeration in his reactions and actions.

Neymar being honest

In the advertisement sponsored by Gillette, Neymar said, “You may think that I exaggerate and sometimes I do. But the truth is that I suffer on the pitch.”
He said that his football skills are similar to a boy who at times charms the world and sometimes irritates everyone.
Before this he had only talked about the FIFA World Cup Elimination on Instagram and this advertisement was the first of its kind post the defeat against Belgium.
He accepted all the criticism and said that he will be a new man soon. He also urged the fans to stand by him and concluded the video.
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