Not Hamilton but Vettel is more like Schumacher: Mika Hakkinen

Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton was ignored when the former F1 star, Mika Hakkinen compared Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel with F1 legend Micheal Schumacher. Mika Hakkinen said that Sebastian Vettel of Germany is more like the legend on Michael Schumacher than Lewis Hamilton.

As of now, Lewis Hamilton is leading the world championship having a win at the German Grand Prix. He extended his lead after a win at the Hungarian Grand Prix. With the 2018 season of the F1 standing half way through, Lewis Hamilton seems almost invincible but Hakkinen seems to prefer Vettel to Hamilton.

Mika Hakkinen the former F1 star raced between 1991 and 2001 having won the world championship twice in 1998 and 1999. He first raced for Lotus and then raced for McLaren till the end of his F1 career. He had registered 20 wins along with his career having started from the pole position 26 times.

Nearer to the legend

Michael Schumacher has 91 Grand Prix Wins to his name which is very hard to surpass. If there is anyone who has an outside chance then it is Lewis Hamilton with 67 Grand Prix Wins while Sebastian Vettel has 51 wins.

So, technically if there is anyone more like Michael Schumacher as of now, it has to be Lewis Hamilton. Lewis Hamilton is a four-time World Championship winner and he seems to be inching towards his 5th world championship victory.

While Hamilton has 4 world championship wins to his name, the legendary Michael Schumacher has 7 to his name. The German driver Sebastian Vettel also has 4 world championship wins to his name.

Who do you think is more comparable to Schumacher, Vettel or Hamilton?

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