Not playing a supporting role to Hamilton: Bottas

Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes teammate Valtteri Bottas stated that he is not in a support role of Lewis Hamilton. He said that he is not meant to play a supporting role for Lewis Hamilton’s title win.

In the German Grand Prix, he received orders to hold his position towards the end of the German Grand Prix when he was closing in on Lewis Hamilton. 

Mercedes later explained that orders given to Valtteri Bottas were not meant to favour Lewis Hamilton’s championship lead but to make sure that the two don’t crash. The team said that it wanted to avoid a collision between the two Mercedes drivers to make sure that Mercedes benefits from Sebastian Vettel’s crash at the corner. 

The incident:

After starting from the pole position Sebastian Vettel crashed towards the end of the race and this gave Lewis Hamilton a great opportunity to win the race and advance his lead. Lewis Hamilton started from the 14th position on the grid but Vettel’s mistake saw him being the winner.

He was accompanied on the podium by teammate Valtteri Bottas finishing second and Kimi Raikkonen of Ferrari at third. 

During the race when Bottas was closing in on Lewis Hamilton, the strategy chief of Mercedes instructed Bottas to maintain his second position over the radio. Bottas in the Press Conference before the Hungarian Grand Prix said that there is no change in the team’s strategy and that he is free to compete for wins. 

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