Now Soccer League Managers Too Will Get Yellow And Red Cards

Till now you have only seen players get yellow or red cards for their actions and behaviour on the field. But as per the new set of rules, football league managers too will be at the receiving end of yellow and red cards.

Yes! You read it right and now managers too will be reprimanded for their on-field actions. Now managers too will be seen serving bans under the new rules. These rules will also be applicable to the FA Cup and the Carabao Cup.

This move comes as a part of the strategy to improve touchline behaviour. Though the Premier League managers will only receive verbal cautions for their touchline behaviour, managers in National League, EFL Trophy and others will receive cards.
The cards will also be issued to managers for their irresponsible behaviour in Football League and National League.
EFL stated that this new set of rules by the International Football Association Board will help to protect the reputation of its competitions. The Premier League, however, will adopt accumulated stage one warnings without the use of cards.
As stated earlier, as of now there would only be verbal warnings in the Premier League games.

The actions tends to red cards,

Actions like kicking the water bottle, clapping in sarcasm or any other gesture undermining the match official will fetch a yellow card. Red Cards will be issued in cases of spitting, violent conduct and stopping the opponent team from restarting play.
The manager will also be held accountable and punished if any member of the staff indulges in indecent conduct.
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