Qualifying Weakness Thrusting Too Much Pressure on Red Bull Drivers

Red Bull boss Christian Horner says the lack of extra Renault engine modes for qualifying is holding its car back and putting extra pressure on the drivers to perform in Q3. Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo ended on fifth and Sixth in Barcelona. This qualifying weakness is putting too much pressure on Red Bull duo.

In the recent race they have  performed exceptionally fine in the race overcoming the problem of the front wing and managed to beat Sabastian Vettel and he ended on third. This somehow reduced the pressure of qualifying weakness of Red Bull drivers.

Horner said that he is having the utmost confidence in his drivers that they can able to fetch great result if they start the race further up the grid.

Horner on the Facts

“I think the key thing for us is trying to increase competitiveness on a Saturday afternoon because grid position is so important,” Horner said.

“It puts too much pressure on the drivers in Q3 because they’re having to find even more performance because we don’t have the ability to go with our rivals’ engine modes.

“Hopefully around Montreal time, there is the next engine introduction. We are hoping for a performance increase.”

When asked about the race, Horner said that the speed stained by the car was at par as compared to the performance of Hamilton in the second half of the race. He added that when the drivers caught up in the traffic then it damages the car, but if you are all clear then it becomes very easy to manage the car.

He expressed his happiness on the upgrades which are applied in the car all of them worked properly and resolved the qualifying weakness of red bull drivers.

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