“Ramos was lucky that day”- believes Barcelona coach Ronald Koeman

Sergio Ramos got engaged in a disputed handball in the penalty area when clearing out the ball to stop the Eibar’s equalizer on Sunday. No penalty was given for that handball, which FC Barcelona manager Ronald Koeman states ‘It must be a penalty’.

Real Madrid has started the game with utter domination and took a 2-0 lead given by Benzema & Luca Modric. In the first 13 minutes of that match, Benzema & Modric took the lead with two spectacular finishes.

Eibar was under pressure to make the equalizer. At a moment Ramos tried to clear a ball that appeared to strike in his arm inside the penalty box. Referee Jose Luis Munuera Montero denied giving the penalty which Koeman disagreed with and said “Madrid penalty decision cannot be understood”.

Koeman also said that “Someday it is a Penalty and the other day it is not, where VAR is included in a match how it was skipped.”

Koeman also claimed, “I think there are things that cannot be understood. I’m sure that if you ask 10 people if yesterday’s game is a penalty, nine would say it was”.

Eibar coach Jose Luis Mendilibar conflicted against the referee’s decision. Koeman said, “However, the referee and his team decided not to call it”.

Zidane Replied to the statement given by Koeman by saying “It has been annoying because I never get involved with the referees”.

Zidane was annoyed by that remark given by Koeman. Zidane said, “I think the referees are in charge of the game and they do a good job. Like everyone here, they just try to do their job. I never get involved with them. It’s a very difficult job”.

Zidane believes Madrid is unlucky with the penalty and he claims “What Koeman said I’m not going to get into that. We have an important game tomorrow, a very demanding game, and that’s the only thing we’re thinking about”

Also, Zidane was asked about the news Iker Casillas returning as the assistant to the general director at the Real Madrid Foundation. The Real Madrid boss replied, “We know the person Iker is, we know what he has done, we know what he means for being a Madridista. I think it’s good news for everyone.”

“It’s his club, the club that’s in his heart, and he’s going to work and going to continue to do what he knows. I’m very happy for him and for the club. I think it’s very good news, indeed.”




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