Rape case on Ronaldo is reopened

Who does not know Portugal’s star footballer Cristiano Ronaldo in this world? This player has won player of the year title for the five times. Recently, Ronaldo has signed a 100 million Euro bond with Juventus escaping Real Madrid. But, now the rape case against Ronaldo is reopened in Nevada.

By the way Ronaldo lives in the headlines as much as in the field, the same way beyond the field. But this time something has happened that will stun his fans. Actually, this star player has been accused by an American woman in a rape case.

The woman tells her story;

According to this woman, Ronaldo had raped her in the year 2009. The German Magazine (Der Spiegel) published this in a column. However, after the allegations, Ronaldo’s lawyer says that the allegation of the woman is unfounded and he will also take legal action on this magazine to publish false news.

According to the news of the magazine, this case is of about 2009. In the US, Ronaldo raped the woman in Las Vegas. After this, Ronaldo had requested her to resolve this issue outside the court and instead of this he gave her $ 3,75,000.

Now the question is that when the case was resolved outside the court and the woman had taken such a huge amount in money for it, then why the matter was raised again. The lawyer of that woman told that she had filed a civil complaint. She is very hurt since this accident, and she wants Ronaldo to be punished.

On the other hand, after the threat of legal action by Ronaldo’s lawyer, the magazine said that we have tried to answer Ronaldo and his management several times but there was no response from him.

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