Red Bull breaks alliance with Renault, confirm engine swith

Red Bull breaks alliance with Renault. Red Bull which was highly likely to make an engine switch to Honda for 2019 has now confirmed the same. Red Bull has decided to drop Renault for the 2019 F1 season and go for the Honda F1 engine. This comes as a big disappointment for Renault. The news of engine switch was confirmed by Red Bull Racing on Tuesday morning. 

The 12-year-old alliance comes to an end:

After 12 years of partnership with Renault, Red Bull finally decided to ditch it for its 2019 F1 season. With this partnership, Red Bull has won 57 Grands Prix and 4 world championships double.

Red Bull believes that this switch will give the best possible chance to Red Bull to compete for titles. The company feels that this step is in the right direction for the team. Red Bull has keenly observed the progress of Honda F1 engines and amply impressed.

Renault has been unable to match the class of Mercedes and Ferrari in the hybrid era of F1. Hence, the relationship between Red Bull and Renault started to simmer. Now it has finally been called off officially. 

After evaluating the performance at the Canadian Grand Prix of manufactures of the car and the engine, senior management has made up its mind already. Red Bull is looking keen to go with Honda.

Also, the fact that Renault refused to commit, the switch seemed very likely. Max Verstappen of Red Bull finished third at the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal on June 10. Now can Red Bull return to winning ways with the Honda F1 engine?

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