Red Bull is Ready to Give Tough Time to Its Competitors in Monaco GP

The last season didn’t go so well for Red Bull Team in Spain, but they are more prepared for upcoming races this time. The current changes in their car designs have gone into their favor. Now they are all set to give a tough competition to the other competitors in Monaco GP.

The cars of Red Bull are now equipped with RB 14 chassis which looks very much stronger than the earlier models. The cars are in a great position considering all technical issues. They are not going to suffer any more with the power deficiency problem as they had at Monte Carlo and some other venues.

The Changes:

Here are some of the changes opted by the Team Red Bull to beat its competitors in the upcoming races of 2018. These changes have improved the aerodynamics of the cars as well as improvised the engine performance.

Red Bull made a change in its front wing end-plate. This design is very much similar to the design opted by Ferrari in late 2017. Ferrari also continued with the same design in 2018. The canard is similar to Ferrari. It is having a small slot in the center part which would increase the airflow and restrict it to spill over the front wing end-plate.

FIA’s Approach:

FIA became little cooperative with the teams this time. FIA has allowed the teams to bring more sophisticated aerodynamic packages. Excited with this decision, Red Bull claimed all possible changes. With all these changes Red Rull is now ready for Monaco GP. This time Red Bull will try to make it tough for its opponents to compete with it.

Now it will be really interesting to see which team will take the lead in the upcoming competitions. Along with this it will also be more interesting to see if any other big names of F1 come-up with some similar changes.

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