Ricciardo to get a new race engineer if he signs and extension deal with Red Bull

Sources have confirmed that Red Bull driver Daniel Ricciardo will get a new race engineer for himself if he extends his stay with Red Bull. Ricciardo’s contract with Red Bull racing will come to an end before 2019 and he is likely to sign a new agreement to extend his stay by two years. 

Currently, there are many speculations about the F1 future of Ricciardo as he approaches the end of the contract term. If he stays with Red Bull he will be reunited with Mike Lugg who has worked his compatriot at Carlin.

This is when Daniel Ricciardo won the 2009 British Formula 3 title. Lugg assisted the Australian driver into having a dominant season at the British Formula 3 in the year 2009.

Mike Lugg during the 2018 F1 season will gain trackside experience being with Red Bull before he replaces Simon Rennie as one of the two race engineers at Red Bull Racing next year.

Simon Rennie is likely to be moving to a factory role in the next F1 season hence making way for Mike Rugg. Rennie joined Red Bull Racing in 2013 to work alongside Mark Webber. 

The scenario:

With Lewis Hamilton and Bottas staying at Mercedes till 2020 and Ferrari looking to replace Kimi Raikkonen with Charles Leclerc. It is likely that Ricciardo will soon announce a contract for an extension with Red Bull Racing for the 2019 season and beyond.

He is much anticipated to sign a new contract before F1 goes into the summer break post the Hungarian Grand Prix this Sunday. 

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