Ross Brawn apologizes to Winnie Harlow after flag drama at the Canadian Grand Prix

The Canadian Grand Prix held on Sunday in Montreal ended with an unprecedented mistake. During the Canadian Grand Prix On Sunday, the chequered flag was waved a lap too early. The flag was waved after 69 laps whereas it had to be waved at the end of the 70th lap. This error during the Canadian Grand Prix made big news and drew some critical criticism.

The F1 boss Ross Brawn, however, apologized to supermodel Winnie Harlow and said that she did not deserve the sorrow. Ross Brawn said that she was innocent and was victimized unprecedently. Winnie Harlow, a close friend of Lewis Hamilton was invited as a celebrity guest at the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal. After the flag error, she was brutally trolled and criticised for the same.

Ross Brawn said that it was not her fault but rather an instance of a flawed communication. He further added that Winnie Harlow was asked to wave the flag at the end of the 69th lap as a result of a miscommunication.

Brawn also said that Winnie Harlow only did what she was instructed to do by the officials. He did not like how she was criticised on social media for the same and apologized to her. Fortunately, the error did not impact the result of the race.

FIA will review proceedingsĀ 

The F1 governing body, FIA said that it will review procedures in the wake of the error committed. Ross Brawn concluded by saying that it is only human to err and the important thing is to learn from the mistakes.

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