Sebastian Vettel cannot afford any mistakes at the Singapore GP

Singapore GP. Sebastian Vettel will now head to the Singapore Grand Prix and this time he cannot really afford to make any more mistakes. Vettel’s romance with his errors has hurt Ferrari as well as his chances of winning the world championship despite the fact that he has the best car on the grid.

Vettel’s romance with errors must end

He spun during the Italian Grand Prix right ahead of what could have been a fairytale finish and ended up being fourth while Lewis Hamilton registered a win.

Lewis Hamilton now has a handsome lead over Vettel in terms of the world championship and Vettel is now at the receiving end of heavy criticism for his errors.

Mercedes Looking For A Hattrick

Mercedes will be looking for a hattrick having won all the previous two editions of the Singapore Grand Prix while Ferrari would like to break the spree. The question is, can Vettel rise above the odds amid all the criticism and fetch a win for himself at the Singapore GP?

There is no doubt about the fact that Vettel has the best car on the grid and he can pull so much out of it to knock down his opponents but the only thing standing between him and his success is Vettel himself.

He needs to catch up with Lewis Hamilton before it is too late for him to have any hopes of winning the world championship.

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