Sebastian Vettel Wins Canadian Grand Prix to take lead back from Lewis Hamilton

As the Canadian Grand Prix concluded, F1 star Lewis Hamilton was left dejected. Germany’s Sebastian Vettel won the Canadian Grand Prix and reclaimed his title lead from Hamilton. 

Lewis Hamilton could only finish fifth. An initial engine scare and lack of pace kept him at the fifth spot. Sebastian Vettel, on the other hand, maintained the lead from the very beginning of the race. With this win for Ferrari he now once again enjoys a lead over Lewis Hamilton. Canadian Grand Prix saw Vettel’s first win since April and his third of the campaign. 

Chequered Flag Controversy 

There’s one thing for which this event would surely draw criticism. The chequered flag was waved too soon. But Vettel spotted the error on the TV screen and carried to the finish. 

Sad fifth for Hamilton 

The second spot was sealed by Mercedes’ V. Bottas. Red Bull’s M. Verstappen and D. Ricciardo finished third and fourth respectively. Lewis Hamilton was left behind only to claim the fifth spot. 

In order to manage his fuel loads, Bottas had to ease off towards the final laps. Yet he kept his cool and acted smartly to secure the second position ahead of Verstappen. 

Vettel’s Masterclass 

Sebastian Vettel never looked bothered or alarmed. He exhibiting a frontrunning masterclass his first win since April. This is, however, the third win of the campaign for him. It was a sheer delight to move him across laps He always seemed like winning!

So, that was all about the Canadian Grand Prix. See you later!

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