Sebastian Vettel wins the British Grand Prix after Hamilton took an early blow

After struggling with penalties in his last two races, Sebastian Vettel finally returned to winning ways at Silverstone on Sunday. Sebastian Vettel won the British Grand Prix while Lewis Hamilton finished second after starting from the pole.

Mercedes was expected to lead the way at the British Grand Prix and everyone thought that Lewis Hamilton will notch up his 6th win at the British Grand Prix. But that was not to be as Sebastian Vettel’s Ferrari was too good for him.

This was Vettel’s second win at the British Grand Prix. This was the 51st career win by Sebastian Vettel who increases his lead in the world championship.

Amazing recovery by Lewis Hamilton 

Lewis Hamilton made a remarkable recovery after he was hit by Kimi Raikkonen early in the race, But he made his way back and ended second after dropping to the last place. Kimi Raikkonen, the Ferrari driver finished third.
Lewis Hamilton’s teammate Valtteri Bottas finished fourth while Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo was fifth at the end of the race. Fernando Alonso of McLaren finished 8th.
Kimi Raikkonen was penalised for 10 seconds and he gracefully accepted the penalty. He accepted his fault at the end of the race.  Mercedes has been beaten at the Silverstone for the first time since 2014 and the loss can be credited to the early hit that Lewis Hamilton took.

Here are the final results of British Grand Prix:

Sebastian Vettel: Ferrari 
Lewis Hamilton: Mercedes 
Kimi Raikkonen: Ferrari 
Valtteri Bottas: Mercedes 
Daniel Ricciardo: Red Bull
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