Should Kimi Raikkonen Call it a day?

Is it time for Kimi Raikkonen to call it a day? Well, former F1 racer Martin Brundle feels that Kimi Raikkonen has reached the end of the road. At the Canadian Grand Prix, Raikkonen finished 6th for Ferrari. Martin Brundle said that the Finish driver’s performance is now maxed out.

According to Martin Brundle, the 2007 World Champion must hang his boots at the end of the season. He was signed by Ferrari in 2013 and his contract will go on till the end of the 2018 season. In 2008 he was the fifth highest paid sports personality.

Kimi Raikkonen in this season has been clumsy amid good opportunities and his pace has been inferior too. He is one of the most popular racers around but is this the end for Kimi Raikkonen? His teammate Sebastian Vettel has looked way better than him in all aspects this season. Sebastian Vettel finished first at the Canadian Grand Prix and took the lead back from Lewis Hamilton. 

Brundle’s Views:

Brundle also gave an assessment of Ferrari’s chances of winning the Constructor’s Championship. He said that if Ferrari has to win it this year then Sebastian Vettel would need a better teammate.

According to him if Ferrari is to win against Red Bull or Mercedes then they need a Ricciardo or Leclerc alongside Sebastian Vettel in the next year.  

He further added that even though Ferrari doesn’t take many risks with young drivers but that must change. He said that there is a changing of guard taking place between generations.


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