Story From The Past: Gazza’s Tears Kept Football Alive in England

Apart from winning the World Cup Title in 1966, England has nothing in the history of the FIFA Football World Cup. If Gazza’s tears would not have rolled on the ground in 1990, perhaps the British football would have ended. The poor behaviour of the audience and the decline in the stadiums has brought soccer to almost trough in England.

Then in 1990, the World Cup was held in Italy, where the 23-year-old midfielder of Paul Gascoigne’s commonly knowns as Gazza, tears returned the passion of this beautiful game to his countrymen. Gazza’s role was crucial in Englands play to reaching the semi-finals of the World Cup.

After an average performance in the group stage, England beat Belgium in the final-16 and defeated Cameron in the quarter-finals to enter the final four where the match was with West Germany.

The Turning Point of the Game:

Both the teams were in a similar situation once. England kept dominating, but the first goal was made by Andreas Brehme for West Germany. Ten minutes before the scheduled time, Gary Lineker scored the equaling goal for England.

At an extra time, Gaza was shown the second yellow card of the tournament. Due to this, he cried a lot on the ground. It meant that he would not play if England would have reached the final. England, however, lost in the penalty shootout.

England’s interest due to this match again grew into football and earning went to plenty of money. England football was appreciated and improved the conditions of the stadiums too. Then on the field, the visions began to flourish.

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