Story From the Past: India Qualified for FIFA World Cup 1950, But Couldn’t Go on Field

The FIFA World Cup 1950 in Brazil, from June 24 to July 16, is known for two special things. One it was getting back to the world after 12 years and another That India Withdraw because of shoes.

Due to World War II, the World Cup was not held since 1938, and FIFA made a comeback in 1950. At the same time, India got the first direct qualification in this World Cup, but due to not having shoes, India had to withdraw its name.

Since then, India has not yet fulfilled the dream of playing its first match in the Football World Cup. Due to World War II, FIFA had to cancel the World Cup in 1938, 1942 and 1946. However, Brazil has released Brazilian stamps in their country to promote this tournament.

Uruguay was the champion of FIFA World Cup 1950, while host Brazil remained runner-up.

What was the reason?

A team from Asia was to be selected for FIFA World Cup. Philippines, Indonesia and Burma withdrew their names before the qualification round. In this way, India got the place to join FIFA as the only team from Asia continent.


In the 1948 Olympic Games, the players of India made their mark for the sports lovers of the world with their best performance. During that time many Indian players were seen playing in bare legs or in socks.

This thing pulled the attention of the whole world. This was the first time that India had played the first international tournament after independence. Indian players had already seen barefoot in the Olympics, then FIFA warned the Indian team and said that if they want to play in the tournament, they will have to wear shoes.

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