Story From The Past: Suicide Goal and the Tragic Story of Andres Escobar

Tragic Story of Andres Escobar. The adventures of FIFA World Cup 2018 are on the rise and the craze for football is being seen in Russia and abroad. All eyes are on the legends like Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Neymar, and their fans are present throughout the world. A large number of viewers also come to see their favorite players on the field. When their favorite team wins, they join the party. But when their team loses, then it’s heartbreaking.

Fans do not like suicide goals in the game of football. There is an incident of killing a Colombian footballer due to his suicide goal in a match. The footballer was Andres Escobar.

Escobar had scored a suicide goal in the match against the US in the 1994 World Cup. Fans of Colombia did not like it and 3 people shot him in a car parking after a few days of the match.

The Story behind:

Escobar scored a suicide goal in the second match of Colombia in the FIFA World Cup 1994 Colombia on June 22. This goal led his team to defeat and the US won the match 2-1.

After the World Cup, Escobar decided to return to Colombia. On July 1, five days later being out of the World Cup, he went to a bar in Medellin with his friends. After that he went to the liquor shop and then reached the El Indio Night Club in the city of Medellín.

After coming out of the nightclub, Andres Escobar was waiting for his friends in the car parking at 3 am in the early hours. He was alone in his car and then suddenly 3 people came and started to argue with him. Two of these people took out their handguns and six bullets were shot to the Escobar.

The shooters were allegedly shouting ‘Goal-Goal’ after every shot. Later these people ran away. Escobar was taken to the hospital where he died after 45 minutes.

It is believed that Escobar was murdered due to his suicide goal against the US in FIFA World Cup. Thousands of people attended his funeral. In July 2002, a large statue in his memory was established in the city of Medellin. Every year people take pictures of Andres Escobar in the football matches in his honor.

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