Story From The Past: When fans threw toffees on the South Korean team

On the field of football, the way the fans are ahead in enhancing the enthusiasm of their team, they are equally angry at the poor performance. Something similar happened to the South Korean team last time, after the poor performance of the FIFA World Cup in Brazil, the team returned home.

The performance of the team was so bad that angry fans threw the toffee on the players and protested. There was nothing more humiliating than this for the FIFA World Cup 2002 semifinalist team.

South Korean team’s shameful record in FIFA World Cup 2014

South Korea had started its campaign against Russia in the 2014 World Cup, but Russia managed to draw the match 1-1 and only one point they could get. After this, the team easily lost both their matches against Algeria and Belgium.

With these defeats in the FIFA World Cup 2014, South Korea’s journey was over, and the team was out of the tournament without winning any match. This was the first time since 1998 that the team did not win any single match and got out of the tournament.

South Korea’s bad records:

South Korea’s poor performance began in 1990. In the FIFA World Cup 1990, South Korea lost all three matches and in the same way, it was not able to qualify for the Asia Cup 1992.

This bad round of South Korea lasted for almost 11 years, continued with the same performance in the FIFA World Cup of 1994 and 1998, but the FIFA World Cup 2002 co-hosted with Japan, South Korea broke the order of their poor performance and for the first time Reaching the semifinals.

The team was at fourth place in the tournament, and with this, fans hoped for such a good performance from their team. But in 2014 the fans were annoyed once again by the team to repeat the 90s.

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