Story From The Past: When first timer Croatia defeated Germany in the FIFA World Cup

Croatia defeated Germany. Its the incident of FIFA World Cup 1998. In the FIFA World Cup 1998, Germany was one of the strong contenders to won the World Cup title. In 1998 Germany was 3 time FIFA World Cup champion and Croatia was playing its first FIFA World Cup as an independent nation.

Germany was dominating the tournament with its strong form. The German team had easily reached to the last eight. To reach there they had won all 4 matches of them and had scored 14 goals.

Germany had to the first timer Croatia in the quarterfinals. Earlier, both the teams played against each other in the European Championships held in 1996. Germany had to fight well to win this match 2-1 against Croatia in European Championship. However, finally Germany won the title.

Despite this, no one thought that Croatia could beat Germany in FIFA World Cup 1998, but the result of this match surprised the whole world.

The story of the match:

This was the biggest reversal of the FIFA World Cup. Under the leadership of Golden Shoe winner Davor Suker, Croatia defeated Germany by not one or two goals, but by a huge margin of 3-0. In the past 40 years, Germany had not faced such a big defeat.

Last time, in 1958, France defeated Germany 6-3. It was such a great victory that the Croatian President Franzjö Tudjman started dancing happily in the VIP box. The wives and children of Croatian players came to the field and started dancing.

The German team was full of great players like Lothar Matthäus, Jürgen Kopke, Jürgen Klinsmann and Jürgen Kohler, but this first timer Croatian team proved them worthy of victory in that match.

However, France defeated Croatia in the Semifinal of that FIFA World Cup and France also won the title in 1998. Croatia Finished third in FIFA World Cup 1998.

Now once again Croatia will clash with France in the final of FIFA World Cup 2018 on Sunday.

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