Top 5 drivers with most F1 Grand Prix Wins

Most F1 Grand Prix Wins. Sebastian Vettel recently entered the elite club of drivers with 50 Grands Prix wins. He won the Canadian Grand Prix and completed his half-century of Grands Prix wins. However, he’s still far away from record 91 wins by the German Legend, Michael Schumacher. So, we bring you a list of F1 drivers with most F1 Grand Prix wins. 

Here is the list of top 5 drivers with most F1 Grand Prix Wins…

#5. Ayrton Senna 

The former Brazilian F1 driver has 41 wins to his name. His career spanned between 1984 and 1994. He won his last Grand Prix in 1993 in Australia.

#4. Sebastian Vettel 


He just completed 50 wins by winning the Canadian Grandprix. He won his first in 2008 in Italy. His F1 career started in 2007 and he continues to go strong. He would surely look to finish his career with a handsome number of F1 wins.

#3. Alain Prost


Third F1 driver with most F1 Grand Prix wins is Alain Prost. The French driver registered 51 wins before hanging his boots in 1993.

#2. Lewis Hamilton 

The British driver is one of the most popular drivers of this generation. He sits smartly at the second spot with 64 wins. His career in F1 began in 2007 and he’d be looking to take his number even higher. 

#1. Michael Schumacher 

The record of most F1 Grand Prix wins lies with the German legend Michael Schumacher. He has 91 wins to his name it’s almost impossible to match that number. Can anyone ever outnumber him? 

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