Top five players with best win percentage in Premier League

Premier League is one of the most competitive leagues in Europe. The league had witnessed some of the greatest talents in the world. Some of them have enjoyed great success.

Here we are going to see the top five players with the best win percentage in the Premier League:

Patrice Evra

Club: Manchester United [2006-14], West Ham United [2018]

Nationality: France

Win Percentage: 67.3

Former Manchester United left-back came to the Premier League in 2006. He has celebrated immense success with the Red Devils in his tenure at Old Trafford. In 2014 he left the club and joined Juventus. In 2018 he came back to Premier League and joined West Ham United.

The French left-back has made a total of 278 appearances in the Premier League for two clubs and maintained a win percentage of 67.3 which is the 5th most in the Premier League.

Didier Drogba

Club: Chelsea [2004-12, 2014-15]

Nationality: Ivory Coast

Win Percentage: 67.7

The Ivorian striker is one of the best forwards in the league has ever seen. He joined the London side in 2004 and left the club in 2012 after scoring the winner against Bayern Munich in the UEFA Champions League final. He came back to Chelsea after two seasons.

Drogba has made 254 appearances for Chelsea and won 67.7% of the game.


Club: Manchester City [2013-]

Nationality: Brazil

Win Percentage: 69

Manchester City has established itself as one of the best clubs in England in the last decade. The Citizens have won 4 Premier League titles in the last decade. Brazilian midfielder Fernandinho is a part of the team 3 times.

Fernandinho joined Manchester City in 2013 and he is still a part of the club. The Brazilian is a very composed and versatile holding midfielder. He has made 232 appearances for Manchester City and won 69% of them.

David Silva

Club: Manchester City [2010-20]

Nationality: Spain

Win Percentage: 69.3

The Spanish midfielder is one of the best midfielders in the world in his prime. He joined Manchester City in 2010. Silva has enjoyed tremendous success in the last decade with the club. He left the club last summer.

He has made 309 appearances for the club and won 69.3% of the game in his 10 years tenure at Manchester City.

Nemanja Vidic

Club: Manchester United [2006-14]

Nationality: Serbia

Win Percentage: 70.6

Nemanja Vidic is arguably the best defender in the Premier League history. Former Manchester United captain has won almost everything in his time at Old Trafford. He has the best win percentage in the league as well.

He joined Manchester United in 2006 and left the club in 2014. In the 8 years with Manchester United, he has played 211 games for the club in the Premier League and maintained a win percentage of 70.6%.


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