Vettel Pointed Out Three Problems for Ferrari To Rectify

Ferrari To Rectify. After the Spanish Grand Prix Sebastian Vettel come up with some suggestions which he thinks are problems for Ferrari and if they will improvise them they will not lose from their old F1 rival Mercedes. In the Spanish Grand Prix Hamilton won the race leaving Bottas in second with Mercedes, whereas Vettel completed the race after he stopped at petshop for changing fresh tires.

Kimi Raikkonen got retires from the track due to some technical power cut issue in his car which led to the engine change after the Friday practice. This put team leader Maurizio Arrivabene into disappointment, he said: “a weekend in which nothing went right”.

Vettel finishes trailing with 17 points from Hamilton, he said: “We were not quick enough,”. This is the reason why Vettel suggested three problems for Ferrari to improve.

He said that we ignored the problem there and that was our main fault, he said that they need have more pace in the first stint.

The Other Issues

The second issue which he pointed out that they have struggled a bit over the tires in the last weekend.

Third and the most important point on which he shows some discomfort on the engine change after the practice session.

So these are the major issues which Vettel want to be looked into by the team Ferrari. Hamilton and Mercedes really enjoyed the race because it went really in their favor which will improve their morale and performance more in coming races.

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